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Who Are We?

I always try to get a good story! Whether it is in my newsletter or in my sermons. I hope you all enjoy them.

Once in a village lived a man who was very lazy and chose not to work. He didn’t like it and he didn’t think he needed to work. He would look for the easiest way to feed himself. One day he found a fruit farm and looked around. He didn’t see anyone guarding the farm, so he decided to steal some fruit, but as soon as he climbed the tree the farm owner saw him. The owner ran towards him, but the man was afraid and ran into the forest to hide. After some time passed, the man walked towards the village. While on the way he saw there was a fox who had only two legs and was crawling around. The man thought to himself “How can this fox survive in such condition? It can’t run or feed itself as well as save itself from other animals.” Just then he saw a lion coming in the fox’s direction. The man ran and climbed a tree, from the tree he could see that the lion was holding a piece of meat in his mouth. All the other animals ran away in terror of the lion, except for the fox since it was unable to run. The man was so surprised to see the lion did not attack the fox but left the meat there for the fox to eat and walked away. Seeing this the man realized Gods plan to feed the fox and figured God must have a plan to fed him also. He left the village and went to the nearby road and sat along the road under a tree. He waited for someone to come by and feed him too. Two days passed and he was without food. Finally, he could not bear the hunger anymore and got up and walked angrily back to the village. An old man saw his anger and asked what the problem was. The hungry man told the old man with disgust, everything he had on his mind. He said,” Why is it that God has shown His mercy on that fox and was so cruel to me.” The old man gave him some food and water then smiled and said, it is true that the creator has a plan for everyone. You are obviously a part of Gods plan. But son, you took his sign the wrong way. He didn’t want you to be like the fox. He wanted you to be like the lion.” (Moral stores)

God has given us strength and capability to do our part. Sometimes that part is to help ourselves so we can in turn help others. We don’t help others to get something in return. Sometimes Gods plan is to change our ways. God knows our hearts and don’t think for a moment we can fool Him. Don’t think for a moment He doesn’t know what we are probably going to do before we do it. But God always hopes we will choose the right way. His way! Help and forgiveness is always available to each of us! But we must change our sinful ways and follow Jesus to see what Gods plan is. Look back each night before closing your eyes and see what you did positive or negative in your day. Your opinion of your actions does not matter to God. Lost your faith? Look to God for your journey with him. If your heart is burdened with bitterness, look to God to see what His plan is for you. If you are never taking responsibility for your own actions, look around your life and decide how you can be right all the time and everyone else is wrong. You can’t be the victim every day of your life. If you look to God and see where His plan is for your day, for your life! It can be very lonely to be right every day. God is always with us. Right by our side! It is us who step away. But of course, if we are never in the wrong then we have nothing to worry about, do we?

So how has your day been? Your week? Your year? God does have a plan! All we need to do is trust Him and follow. Or are you still waiting for someone else to feed you?

Journey with God,

Rev. Walter Coy

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