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Valuable things are more than you can carry!

A crow was flying in the beautiful sky with a large piece of meat in its beak. Suddenly the crow noticed a flock of eagles following him. The crow became very scared. He tried flying higher and higher to avoid them, but the poor crow could not get rid of those eagles. In his dilemma he flew close to a Garuda (an ancient bird) who saw the trouble the crow was in and took pity on him. The ancient bird asked the crow “What happened? You seem very worried.” The crow said while crying “Whole flock of eagles are coming after me to kill me.” The ancient one laughed and said, “They are not out to kill you but are after the piece of meat you are holding in your beak. Leave it and see what happens.” The crow didn’t want to leave the piece of meat but after a while when the crow couldn’t keep flying higher and the eagles were about to reach him, following the ancient one’s advice, the crow dropped the piece of meat from its beak. Immediately, the whole flock of eagles followed the falling piece of meat. The crow sighed with relief. The ancient one said,” Sorrow and pain remain only as long as we hold on to it. By knowing the reason and giving up our attachment to that thing, all our sorrow, all our pain will end immediately.” The crow bowed down and thanked the ancient one for his advice. (MoralStories26)

We hold on to things. Relationships, earthly valuables, things that are good or bad from our past and always carry their burden. Saints explain that we come into this world empty handed and will leave empty handed; still, we keep longing for all the worldly materialistic things. We also are burdened by things we did and things we didn’t do. There is a reason for our life, our good deeds, our mistakes and only God knows this reason. If you are happy with your life, then hold on to your piece of meat. If you realize you need to change your life, your way of living, then you need to do exactly that. Change your life! Do better! Get out of the replaying of things that matter to your future. You only need to do two things for God to forgive everything you are burdened about. Change what you are doing and ask for forgiveness. Walk in the way of the Lord. Every day is a new beginning. Constantly look in the mirror and see if the reflection is one that makes you happy. I am not talking about your clothes, your hair, or how you are on the outside. I am talking about looking deep into your inner self and care for you. Surround yourself with good people who will tell you the truth. Take a risk that you can be different, you can be better. It is not a quick fix. You can do better for yourself and for our Lord and Savior. Or you can just keep flying higher and not drop the meat that is in your beak.


Rev. Walter Coy

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