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The Beauty of Advent

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. ( John 3:16)

We are in the month of December; people everywhere are celebrating the season of Advent.  Contrary to what most people believe, it doesn’t wholly refer to Christmas, but it still has deep Biblical meaning in God’s love for His people.  

          A German Lutheran minister made the first known wreath in 1839. He made the wreath from the wheel of an old cart and decorated it with twenty red candles and four white candles. The minister lit the red candles progressively on the weekdays and he lit a new white candle on each successive Sunday. Eventually, people stopped making wreaths from wheels and used evergreen branches instead to symbolize everlasting life. They remained round to symbolize God’s eternal love for us.  Some wreaths include red holly and berries to symbolize Jesus’ death on the cross on our behalf, as well as pinecones which indicate new life and Jesus’ victory over death through His resurrection. It is a beautiful act of worship as we remember who Jesus is, what He has done for us, and the promise of what He is still going to do.

          The birth of Christ was meant to change the world.  A world that for the most part thought, and still thinks it is fine without Him.  God sent His Son so we could have a visible divine human to follow. Someone we could touch, see, and hear.  But it takes more than seeing to believe. You need to Believe to see the change that can happen. So, look around the world, your streets, and in cars as they zoom by you. How is it going so far?  We still change His rules so we can live our lives the way we want. I am sure He is not surprised but I think He must be sad. How long does He have to wait for us to act like His gift to the world has made any change at all.

           Why don’t we all start this Christmas to slow down. Gather with your family, your church family, and light a candle, and read from the Scriptures in honor of the Lord.  It might just surprise you how much more meaningful Christmas and Christ Himself will mean to you this year.


                                                                    Merry Christmas,

                                                            Rev. Coy, Joyce and Alan

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