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Pastor's Pen August


Tonight,as I ponder what to share in this Pastor’s Pen, I am so aware of the fullnessin my heart and being. 

Have you ever wondered at the total awesomeness of what it means to be alive? 

Have you ever thought about the billions of cells that are your body? 

Have you ever wondered how each cell was fashioned and what about the intricate workings of each cell? 

At the beginning of the summer I had the privilege of being in the presence of NASA astronauts who brought the wonder and awe of the Universe alive and present in new and mysterious ways. 

When I ponder the unique intricate design of the cells of my body and the huge, vast, stupendous Cosmos in which God allows us and invites us to live – I am filled with awe, gratitude and wonder.


And what about relationships? 

There are so many relationships that each of us enjoys.

There are all of you.  Many of you have known each other and each other’s families for years.  How fortunate you are to have those rich and deep relationships.  How blessed you have been through the care that you have experienced from each other over the years.

There is our relationship with the cells of our bodies.  Each and every one is part of what it means to be the unique person that each of us is.  We can’t see or experience the workings of even one of our cells yet without each one of them we could not exist as the persons that we are. 

There is our relationship with the Stars and the Heavens.  The Psalmist reminds us of the work of God’s hands. 

And there is our relationship with God the Father/Mother and God the Son/Brother and God the Holy Spirit/Comforter. 

Now that’s a whole lot of relationship to ponder.  We really can’t just say that we have a relationship with God.  Not when we know that God manifests to us in such a variety of ways, in different circumstances, through people, animals and all of creation.  It is like our relationship with God is the complex experience of many and varied experiences of God. 

The Scriptures have a great variety of names and references to God.  In our next newsletter we will explore some of the names of God and the variety of names that help us to know God through the attributes, the ways that God has manifest God’s presence through time.

Till then,ponder, simply ponder.  Pay attention to the fullness of your own heart and the relationships that surround and uphold you in love.

See you in Church,

Reverend Doctor Carol Vaccariello


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