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Once the Leaves Have Fallen, there is Plenty to See!

Hal Borland wrote: October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen.

I am happy and blessed to say that Joyce and I have seen many, many FALLS in our life together. I remember as a child raking the leaves in a pile and jumping in the pile.. It reminds me that the green foliage of summer is beautiful, but we must not forget there is a lesson in everything God provides for us. Fall, the peace that comes along with the inconvenient early sunsets and chilly temperatures of the changing journey into fall and then winter. We can all admire the beautiful trees of spring and summer, but we need to look through the bare tree, beyond it, to the big sky that blankets all of us. It is being thankful for the wider horizon that is visible that we could not see all summer. As Joyce and I drive down the highways to church, or wherever we are traveling, we see the vision of hills, homes, farms and animals that were hidden with all the leaves. The sun is changing its angle. The moon glowing at night across the beautiful hillside. It is as if God is giving us a chance for us to see ourselves, as He sees us. Constantly changing! Hopefully, we all are moving towards God on our faith journey, on our journey of life. As the seasons cycle, so do we. Sometimes we are covered in leaves doing things we hope are hidden from others, and God. We feel we can go about our business doing what isn’t good for us or those around us. We stop attending church. God won’t notice! We stop working to be a better child of God! He won’t notice. But you know we all live with consequences for our choices. Some happen quickly, some take a long time to catch up with us. Once the cover is off we are visible. We need to do good work. We need to follow God and His rules. We need to love ourselves so we can love others. We need to be kind. We need to pass on positive words, and actions. As the leaves drop off the trees and us we need to be proud of the beauty that remains. We also need to remember that whether we are covered, or not God can see everything. God knows our sincerity and our souls. But we need reminders so that is why God gives us everything we need here on earth. Don’t waste a moment of your life doing worthless things. Make every season, every month, every day, and every moment count. Life is too short and moving too fast to let your leaves be blown away for nothing. Lay down, look up and see all that God has provided. Life is too valuable to miss it!

Fall Blessings,

Rev. Walter Coy

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