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A New Life

A New Life

Through the blood and death of Jesus comes eternal life. The old is gone, a new life is beginning. It happens each spring and can happen each day of our lives if we let it. Winter can be long dark and lonely. Just like when we are not following a Godly life. Then buds appear, flowers start to pop through the earth, birds start singing, and we somehow seem to feel better. Same with our lives once we give sin up for a better life, through Christ, joy fills our soul. We see the world in a different light. The gospel transfers our soul from the dreariness of sin into the newness of life and brings incredible joy.

God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. But many times, we seem to forget this. We try to fix our lives on our own and everything becomes out of sync and out of the cycle of life. Just like spring, is just around the bend, God is right there when we mess up. He is ready to give us another chance, a new beginning. What would the world be if everything stayed the same. No surprises, no excitement, no hope of change. Everyone looks the same. All of us have the same thoughts, all of us have the same opinions, and we drive along in our car, in our lives not caring because nothing new is out there to look at. We don’t talk to people because we only care about what we want, what we think. We don’t look for any flowers because there are no different colors. All the flowers are yellow. No beautiful roses or tulips to look for because all the yellow looks the same. If we don’t care about each other no need to look out your window because you don’t care who is there. No new experiences, no summer, no fall, and no winter because nothing changes, nothing matters. If life doesn’t matter, neither does sin. We don’t worry about our tomorrow, our eternal life because nothing matters. Luckily for us God never leaves our side. We may fall away from Him but He is always waiting for us to come back to His light. He would hope we would live in love with all people, but that doesn’t happen in all families let alone in the world of all our differences. But I would hope we can be kind and at least tolerate each other to see the beauty in each of us. So in the drab of winter days, we wonder how will life ever spring anew, we need to remember without the green leaf dying and falling to the ground, a new leaf, a bud, could not grow. Same way with us we need to end our sinful ways to enjoy the new life God has planned for each of us. With death of the old comes the spring of a new life. A better life. Eternal life!

Walk with the Lord,

Rev. Walter Coy


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