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Easter: A Good Time to Forgive


                  Easter, the cross, is a good reminder of why we should do everything we can to forgive.  Knowing that Jesus suffered such extreme pain and death because He loved us can be a motivating factor in our willingness to forgive. Matthew 6:14 explains why forgiveness is key to fulfilling our faith: Jesus forgives us our sins so we should be willing to forgive others. “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you.”

          Forgiving others doesn’t mean that the hurtful act was right or that it never happened. Forgiving others is accepting that something bad happened but we are willing to move forward and let go of the negative emotions. Forgiveness is a deliberate act and choice to pick joy and have peace with the past. Forgiving others can be liberating and can help you feel the love of Christ in your life. It takes a lot of time and mental energy to dwell on the pain of past hurts and grudges. Letting go of the past frees your mental energy to focus on things that bring you joy and peace. As you recall about the Easter story Jesus was willing to forgive the very people that were killing Him.

          So where are you today in this year’s Easter Story?  Are you imprisoned by past hurts? Do you spend more time thinking about someone that hurt you?  They may have gotten over it, may not even know what they did. Even if they are a person who you would choose not to hang around with, forgiveness frees you even if it does not help them. Their forgiveness is their responsibly. It is between them and God. You are responsible for the relationship you have with Jesus. If you look for the good in that person or people, it will help you to see their potential to change for the better just as Christ sees this potential in you.  So, I am asking you.  Are you going to follow Jesus?  Are you going to start forgiving as you would like to be forgiven? Are you going to walk your own path with Jesus and not follow the group of negativities that surrounds a lot of people in our world today? It is good to always remember that though unworthy we can be forgiven. Even all the people there that day in the city yelling “Crucify Him, Crucify Him” many Easters ago. Lord give us strength to forgive and ask for forgiveness for ourselves.


                                                                  Peace to everyone,

                                                                    Rev. Walter Coy 

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