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Pastor's Pen November


Thanks Giving,,,,,,


We use that phrase a lot and have even created a word where the two words becomeone: ‘Thanksgiving’ and we call it a holiday. Then we shop for all of our favorite foods and most of the time we eat what our parents and grandparents ate and we call it a tradition.  We even say things like, “ It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey!”  or whatever your family’s favorite food is. We place the holiday in an historical frame and we recall Pilgrims and Indians sharing a great feast together.


Thanksgiving is the great harvest feast  - when we are encouraged to remember that EVERYTHING  - EVERYTHING is a total gift from God.  The food we prepare comes forth from Earth, Sky and Waters.


Thanksgiving is a time to recommit ourselves to the preservation of the phenomenal resources that we have been given to sustain our life on planet Earth. If we who live here and depend on Earth, Sky and Sea for our sustenance continue to destroy and live as if we are separate from these powerful sustaining resources – the day is coming, sooner than we think that Thanksgiving will be a memory of what we once had and wasted, destroyed andlong for.


So on this Thanksgiving Day – take amoment to pray this prayer with your loved ones – for that which we need to cherishand care for above all else: EARTH, SKY, SEA.




O Great Spirit,


Earth, Sun, Sky and Sea


You are inside and all around me.


Creator God, fill each of us with a longing for all that you have made to sustain our human existence. 


Bring us the wisdom and the courage to make the changes in our lives that will allow our planet home to thrive and continue to sustain those who come after us.


Jesus you modeled deep love and caring for creation. 


You went to the mountains to meet your Ancestors.


You floated on the Sea and caught fish and cooked them to open the eyes of your apostles.


You calmed the storms to teach us the power of your protective love.


You showed us how much your Father and ours loved the lilies of the field and the birds of the air


….and how much your Father loved us in sending you to guide us on our journey of life.


Thanks for Giving us this opportunity that we call life.


Thanks for Giving us all that we need and all that we can share to fill the needs of others.


Thanks and Thanks again,






Loving you,


Pastor Carol


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